Thank you for the opportunity to help Accelerated Diagnostics friends!  We have 3 exceptional offers for you! 

First, understand that we will provide a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Tim Harrigan to discuss your ailments, health concerns, and goals!  Just reach our by email or call 818-8857 to schedule a time to chat!

Oh, and regardless of which of the 3 items you take advantage of here, we will donate a package of diapers to the Arizona Diaper Bank to help those families less fortunate!  

2)  A Health Evaluation analyzing many areas, including your nervous system (which controls and regulates literally EVERYTHING in your body), cardiovascular system, several stress measures using high tech Heart Rate Variability, urinalysis, Body Composition (a system considered the gold standard for this type of testing), tests evaluating the health of your cells (which is one of the most important tests you could ever do and track over time), and so much more!  

See more details below of the $500 in Diagnostic Testing and Gifts!

See video below of Dr. Tim explaining more about these amazing Tests and Gifts!

Quick Message and Explanation from Dr. Tim:

Learn about 2 of the many tests included for the $147, plus $60 in GIFTS! 

Max Pulse Test: #1 Killer! We have a more advanced way to help you track and prevent this! 

A better Body Composition Test: 
A more detailed and accurate way to measure your Body and progress! The "Gold Standard" in Body Composition Testing. BMI is a terrible indicator!

Advanced Body Composition Results and Tracking. Muscle, fat, bone, cellular health, hydration!

3)  50% off Advanced Laser treatments!  The most advanced healing laser in the World!  Our newest laser has FDA clearances to treat the whole body!  Whether you have tendonitis, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, headaches, injuries, inflammation, etc etc etc....  We have a likely solution for you!  We are offering 50% off your first package of Cold Laser Therapy Treatments!

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We will of course start with your complimentary phone call to see if you are a good fit, and what you are wanting help with!